All about Joe Rogan’s new Comedy Club

All about Joe Rogan’s new Comedy Club

June 8, 2022 Comedy 0
All about joe rogan's new comedy club

Comedy fans are excited and thrilled to know more about Joe Rogan’s new Comedy Club, here’s everything you need to know:

The comedy scene in Austin took a turn for the best when comedian Joe Rogan moved there amidst all the dystopian measures L.A., and other places in the U.S. (and worldwide) were enforcing.

Joe Rogan Austin New Studio
Image credits: Spotify/Joe Rogan

Rogan moved to Austin in 2020 from Southern California after landing a $100 million podcasting deal with Spotify. 

Ritz Austin
A view of the historic Ritz Theater on East Sixth Street in downtown Austin, seen here during its time as the central location of the Alamo Drafthouse, which operated out of the building from 2007 to 2021. Image: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Where is Joe Rogan's new Comedy Club and what is it called?

According to the outlet The Austin Towers, the historic Ritz Theater at 320 East Sixth Street will soon host the comedy club linked to Joe Rogan, the documents in a number of local property filings and an application to the city’s Historic Landmark Commission, there’s also listed a permit seeking to install new signage at the front of the building on the consent agenda of the commission’s upcoming, with backup documents for the renovation item using the name Comedy Mothership, now confirmed by Joe Rogan on a podcast with comedian Tony Hinchcliffe. Three potential options for the club’s new sign are included:

comedy mothership Joe Rogan
Image: City of Austin / Weiss Architecture

Previous reports indicated that Rogan planned to open a comedy club in West Austin, but his acquisition of the One World Theatre eventually fell through, with East Sixth Street mentioned last year as a new potential location for the club. The Ritz property was purchased from previous owners Craddock Properties in November 2021 by Asylum Real Estate Holdings, a company managed by Rogan’s representative Matthew Lichtenberg of Level Four Business Management in Los Angeles. Lichtenberg, along with Rogan and his wife Jessica, is also the director of a recently-incorporated entity known as the Rogan Family Foundation, Inc.

Joe Rogan's new comedy club
Image: City of Austin / Weiss Architecture
Sam Tripoli wearing the Make Comedy Offensive Again at the Comedy Store
Sam Tripoli wearing the Make Comedy Offensive again hat at the Comedy Store

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What we know according to Joe Rogan:

Custom built door for the Comedy Mothership. Photo credits: Barnworks Welding
Custom built door for the Comedy Mothership. Photo credits: Barnworks Welding
  • The club’s name is Comedy Mothership
  • Comedians will have healthcare
  • The cocktail lounge will be amazing and it’s called “Mitzi’s Bar”
  • There are two rooms: “Fat Man” and “Little Boy”.
  • You’ll find two speakeasy doors that were custom-built just for the club (front door and green room door)
  • There will be no comedy censorship
  • Kill Tony will take place there
  • The club’s first shows are on March 7, 8, and 9, and March 14, 15, and 16 (and are already sold out).
Joe Rogan Onnit Shroom Tech
Joe Rogan showcasing his ONNIT Shroom Tech. (Source: Instagram)

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