Clean Email Review

Clean Email Review

October 26, 2021 Learning and Education 0
Clean Email review - clean email inbox

What is Clean Email?

Clean Email is an app that helps you manage your mailbox overloaded with unread and unwanted emails more efficiently — while keeping your data safe and respecting your privacy. After reading this Clean Email Review you will be able to clean up emails with their unique email inbox cleaner app in a simple and effective way.

You can use it anywhere

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Clean Email works on any device and with all email service providers like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, and your company email account. Use it along with any email app such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail App, and more. You can continue using your favorite email app and email service — we support them all.

You will save time

save time with email management
Combine emails into groups to quickly review hundreds of emails at once then automate repetitive tasks to reduce your workload. We make it easy to act on a group of emails allowing you to remove, archive, label them with a few clicks.

To stay organized

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Use filters and rules to easily identify important emails and delete junk in no time. Enable Auto Clean to automate your cleaning and let Clean Email to take care of your routine email cleaning tasks.

It will help you reduce stress

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You will be able to unsubscribe from unwanted emails and newsletters you never read, block unwanted unwelcome email senders, and quickly delete old emails – then say goodbye to an overloaded inbox!

How does Clean Email work?

If you have never used an email cleaning app, Clean Email is the best one to start your journey. Here’s the rundown of the basics:

1. Quick Clean!

In Quick Clean Email Cleaner groups types of emails most commonly cleaned by our Clean Email users.– Quick Clean’s approach is “organize lots of things with one click”. That includes older emails, social notifications, emails from dead ends etc, unread emails etc. They also suggest an action for each group in Quick Clean making it even easier to go through hundreds and thousands of emails at once.

2. The Unsubscriber

You can also use Unsubscriber to prevent marketing emails and newsletters from ever reaching your mailbox – even if the sender does not provide an option to unsubscribe. With Unsubscriber you can Unsubscribe from any mailing list and Resubscribe with one click, all from within Clean Email.

3. Dive in with Smart Views

The power of Clean Email is in its ability to present your mailbox through pre-created smart views. You can go through those views to remove old and large emails, get rid of selected emails from a specific sender and more – Clean Email recognizes and presents you with lots of different types of emails. 

4. Auto Clean

Clean Email is built to save you time – including going forward. As you delete, move, archive, or label emails with Clean Email you can choose to apply the same action to matching emails in the future using our Auto Clean features. To automate your actions check the “Auto-Clean” box when you confirm any action.


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