How to get a US mailing address

How to get a US mailing address

October 20, 2021 Shopping 0
How to get a US mailing address

Buying products from American stores and getting them shipped to other countries can be a hassle, either they won’t ship overseas, or you need to pay an exorbitant amount of money for shipping… Most people try to get a US mailing address and get stuck with a PO box… although it can be a quick solution it does not help much, as most stores won’t ship to PO box addresses. Keep reading to learn how to get a US mailing address you can use for shopping on your favorite US stores.

Sign up for your free address on Planet Express.

You can choose between California, Oregon and, if you are interested in purchasing from the UK, they also offer United Kingdom addresses. 

Upon signing up with Planet Express, you will receive a warehouse address and unique suite ID (also called box number/account number). You can then use this address as the delivery address when shopping online.

That is it! Simple, right?

  • Shop on your favorite stores with your new Planet Express address. You can also send packages or simple mail.
  • Once Planet Express receives your order, you will get a notification email from them.
  • You log into your account, complete the customs declaration and select the delivery method for your country.
  • They will then take care of the rest, and mail out your order to you!

Your Planet Express address can be used for all packages, even if they are delivered from China or anywhere else.

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