Best Urban Survival Skills Courses

Best Urban Survival Skills Courses

August 27, 2021 Learning and Education 0
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Urban survival skills courses are a hot commodity these days. People want to know how to prepare for some of the worst disasters imaginable, and they’re willing to spend money on it if it means that their chances of survival increase. But which courses should you take? There’s no shortage of options out there, so we compiled a list of the top 5 urban survival skills courses right now. Check them out!

Is your family ready for a terrorist attack, hurricane, flood, or tornado? Will they survive? If the government collapsed tomorrow can you feed & protect them?

Disaster preparedness and survival skills are enjoying a resurgence in popularity, not only because of popular movies and television shows but simply because the world as we know it is becoming more and more chaotic and more and more unstable.

There has been an increasing number of natural disasters, from tropical storms to earthquakes and wildfires, hurricanes and tornadoes and everything in between and people are becoming more cognizant of these facts, each and every day and have a desire to learn the skills necessary to survive disasters, whether they are natural or man-made, such as a riot stock market collapse or electrical grid collapse. 

With the ever-increasing number of knife attacks in cities, this Krav Maga and self defense course provides all individuals with urban survival skills. In a life or death situation where your only option is to fight for yourself, we want our participants to be prepared.

This intensive training program will equip you with both practical knowledge on how defend against an attack as well as mental strength so that if it does happen again you can survive another day knowing exactly what happened while feeling empowered rather than defeated by these types of events which are becoming more prevalent around us every single day.

In The Real World, Most People Don’t Have A Fully Stocked Retreat They Can Escape To. Even If You’ve Planned Ahead And You Do, There’s No Guarantee That You’ll Leave In Time Or That You’ll Be Able To Make It There.

Your First Plan Must Be To Survive In Place. And In the 1st step in Survival is to have a Bug-Out Bag

Are You Prepared? Dont Wait ‘Till SHTF

More and more people are becoming interested survival thanks in no small part to those hyper reality television shows. So many networks are putting out these days people are getting prepared for all sorts of disasters, everything from an earthquake to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) global economic collapse hurricanes, tsunamis, typhoons, and anything in between.

With so many crisis threatening: virus pandemic, power failure, economic crisis, terrorist attack.

Do you want to be prepared with simple methods and partially on a low budget?

Prepare yourself and your family for crisis situations. Not because you want to become the toughest outdoor-survival person, but because you might ask yourself how you can prepare for crises as a normal person.

The Military Secrets Most Men Will Never Know About Defending Themselves, Their Family, And Their Freedom:

Captain Chris Pizzo offered to personally show you exactly how to stop violent attackers DEAD in their tracks…

Without needing to be fast, strong, or in good physical shape…

Without long, sweat-drenched hours of classes…

Without a gun…

Even if you have no previous fighting experience whatsoever…

Get a Wilderness Survival MasterClass with Jessie Krebs
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