To All Those New to the DOGE community πŸ• The Dogecoin Values

To All Those New to the DOGE community πŸ• The Dogecoin Values

May 13, 2021 Learning and Education 0
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A message from the DOGECOIN community:

Things to be aware, know of, and DOGECOIN values to have in mind to all those new to DOGE

πŸ• Doge has a meme mascot and a meme loving community, but Doge itself is not a meme but a very meticulously thought out transactional currency

doge to the moon

Doge’s biggest asset as a coin is not having a set cap but rather soft cap inflation allowing full adoption long term as a currency without infinite growth in price per coin once in full adoption (imagine having to pay .000000000000000000000069 for a big mac)

πŸ• Doge isn’t trying to make nft’s, smart contract’s, dex’s, etc. It aims to do one thing and do it best. It is and will only ever be a currency meant to make transactions.

How to buy DOGECOIN in 3 simple steps & get a $25 USD reward:

1. Copy this code: 9crdtck5va

2. Apply the code when you sign up to crypto.comΒ 

3. Buy Dogecoin and HODLΒ 

The Community

Doge is the people’s currency. It’s developed by doge fans getting paid(a small amount) in doge, thru an incentivized open-source model. It has no central authority and no coins were allotted to the creator(@BillyM2k on twitter) meaning no whales or corporations can control it.

Doge is only as strong as its community. For doge to work the mission needs to spread and doge hodlers need to demand companies to allow us to pay with it and spend there when they do, so the next company sees financial incentive.

Doge’s mission statement is #DoOnlyGoodEveryday. Hold true to it. Donate some of your winnings to charity (Especially the ones that accept dogecoin, like the American Cancer Society)

πŸ• Doge is about spending not hoarding. Unlike other deflationary cryptos, Doge is meant to actually be spent. If you want this thing to work you gotta actually spend some of it and just buy more, BUT NEVER SELL! is a good place to find places that accept doge.

The Hustle

This IS A HUSTLE. If you believe in Doge and want to see it make it to the moon (and not just the moon is space). Spread the mission, get involved with the community, and tip some doge to the creator, devs, and influencers making the whole thing possible.

πŸ• For those investing in shitcoins, be wary. Doge has survived not because of the meme, but because of the mission. Coin bashing isn’t what doge is about and I’m not looking to do so, but a lot of newcomers are getting involved with hype coins many of which serve no utility and simply ride off the fact that many misunderstand what doge is and think it made to where it is simply off being a meme with a low price per coin. The coin price is just market cap divided by total supply so don’t be fooled by low coin prices. And remember even if you’re making money now a lot of these coins are pump and dumps for not only those investing but the creators holding large supply waiting to dump once the price goes up enough. Invest in what you believe in, but use caution and do careful research beforehand as I’m afraid many will get hurt by many of these coins.


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