At Home Health Tests

At Home Health Tests

October 28, 2020 Health Learning and Education Science 0

Simple to use, reliable and with the best laboratory partners, home testing is the best and simplest way to anonymously get a quick analysis of your health.

Science is evolving and more and more take their own health as a priority and personal responsibility.

LetsGetChecked is a home testing company founded in 2014. It is one of the few companies to provide testing with home testing kits worldwide. Its varied test lineup includes biomarker tests relating to cardiovascular health, digestive health, fertility, and metabolic health, as well as STD screening and genetic screens for a limited number of cancers. LetsGetChecked has a reputation for scientific integrity and all its tests are based on sound scientific evidence.

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At Home Women's Health Tests:

At Home Women's Health Tests
Fertility, HPV, Ovarian Reserve, among others.

At Home Men's Health Tests:

At Home Men's Helath Tests
Testosterone, PSA and Hormones, among others.

At Home Wellness Tests:

At Home Wellness Tests
Vitamin Levels, Thyroid, Lyme Disease, among others.

At Home Sexual Health Tests:

At Home Sexual Health Tests
HIV, Syphilis, Herpes, Chlamydia, among others.
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