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Sara Moura is a Portuguese performer and producer.

She began her artistic studies at the EPAOE – Chapitô circus and performance school, directed by Ávila Costa, Francisco Salgado, Rute Dutra and others. She has various workshops such as Voice and Singing with Sara Belo, Mime with Gardi Hutter, Physical Theatre with John Mowat and a Masterclass on Commedia dell’Arte with Carlo Boso.

She interned with Jorge Listopad at Teatro de Municipal de Almada as an assistant director and actress. She works with Artistas Unidos since 2006 where she was directed by Jorge Silva Melo and Franzisca Aarflot.

In 2009 she made her film debut with the film António Lobo Antunes: Escrever, Escrever, Viver directed by Solveig Nordlund. Since 2012 Sara has been working as an actress and producer at SKOOKUM FILMS where she develops many projects with filmmaker Nuno Sá Pessoa.

In 2015 she protagonized the documental short film Je Suis Sousa Mendes directed by the Brazilian director Cloves Mendes. She is part of the film selection jury at the Arroios Film Festival in Lisbon.

Sara is known for her love for comedy and is the creator of the Make Comedy Offensive Again Hat.

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